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Why SEO is so Important…

No website can compete today without SEO. It brings traffic to your website, makes your website visible and turns your audience into sales. Invest in Quality Cairns SEO today!

The importance and value of SEO

The number 1 reason is to be seen and visible to your target audience. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your business to rank higher in Google Search results, driving more traffic to your website and building your brand’s authority. 

The Cairns SEO team of experts are all local, and understand Cairns Region.

Our goal is to help your business with SEO Cairns and take your business to the next level by increasing your visibility online without you ever lifting a finger.  



Most times, if your website is not in the top three search results that come up when they search, they won’t even click on it. That’s why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important.


SEO website design will help your website or page pop up with the right keyword or search intention. It is an ethical, smart, and necessary way of getting an edge over the competition. It can be the difference between a customer clicking on your website as opposed to a competitor.

Real Clients, Real Content

RPM SEO Web Design team doesn’t just aim to get traffic to your website, it is our goal to feed actual clients searches that convert to sales. This means driving the most relevant traffic toward your business by using targeted key words and phrases. It also means making your website a place where consumers want to be! 

Our SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a term many business owners are becoming increasingly familiar with. With so much of our lives now managed through the internet, having an online presence has never been more important. But with thousands of other businesses vying for the top spot, how do you make your brand stand out?



An effective SEO strategy begins with the design of your web pages. The structure of your website helps Google to understand where to rank it, so it’s important to get this right from the start. We incorporate SEO practices into all of our web design projects, so you can be confident that your website is set up to achieve success. Outstanding web design plays an important role in creating positive first impressions on visitors to your site. Think of your website as the front door to your business.


If you already have a website, we can still help with your website optimisation strategy! Your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum; potential customers will see it alongside all of your competitors, but most websites are poorly optimised for their market. So, the first step is to conduct an SEO analysis on your website, as well as competitor brands, to get a sense of your niche. This helps us make strategic decisions to improve your Google ranking, and make sure your customers see you first!


Keywords are the words and phrases that customers use when they’re searching for your products or services. Even if you’re based in Cairns (like us), you’re competing against thousands of other businesses across the globe. Higher volume means more competitive keywords, so the most popular keywords aren’t necessarily the most effective!

We research keywords that are most relevant to your business and find those which will drive the most search traffic and leads. We will create a digital marketing strategy that includes the right combination of SEO keywords and backlinks to achieve the most effective results.

We even go so far as to take your competition’s keywords and structure a plan for how we can get on top!



When search engines crawl and index your site, they determine how to rank your web page in online search results by analysing both technical elements like site structure, speed and responsiveness, and other factors like the quality and relevance of your content.

On-page optimisation aims to improve this ranking by adjusting your website and content to match the search engine’s algorithms. As these are constantly changing, we continually optimise our SEO campaigns.

At RPM Digital Agency, we offer a comprehensive SEO process. We can run a website audit to identify issues and complete technical fixes such as improving site structure, speed, and internal link structure, SEO-optimised content writing, and content marketing.



Off-page SEO refers to actions and techniques taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).

This is done by building links to and from your website to other domains, which builds your website’s authority within your market. Techniques such as social media marketing or influencer marketing are also great ways to generate links and ratings.

When other websites link to you, it works like a referral and tells the search engines that you have recognition in your industry. Off-page SEO is out of your control it is up to the search engines.

RPM Digital will help you develop a strong link building strategy that will increase your domain authority, credibility, and organic traffic.

Our Unique Approach to Search Engine Optimisation for Cairns Businesses

White Hat SEO Services Australia
SEO isn’t only a tactic for global or web-based businesses. It’s important for local recognition, too. If most of your customers are based in Cairns or elsewhere in Far North Queensland, you can use local SEO strategies to establish brand recognition in your city and attract customers from the right areas.

RPM Digital Agency is based in Cairns, and our SEO experts are all local, so we understand the market. We’re small but powerful, and we use proven strategies to deliver great results, so you can take your business to the next level, without ever having to lift a finger!

We provide our clients with an honest approach to our digital marketing services so business owners can have peace of mind that their investment is being handled by an ethical and transparent SEO company.

Why choose RPM Digital Agency for SEO Cairns?

We truly believe in quality over quantity. All our work is completed to the highest standard and according to the latest best practices. Our team know Cairns SEO inside-out, so if you’re looking to build your reputation locally and beyond, contact us to speak to an SEO consultant today!



Our goal is to help your business achieve success online. Our experts have years of experience and know exactly how to get your website ranking higher in search results. We balance a variety of SEO techniques to drive genuine traffic and quality leads to your website, and as a full-service digital marketing agency, our team have the knowledge to drive long-term business growth.

Unlike some other SEO companies, we offer one-to-one digital marketing services, so when you work with us, you have peace of mind that your investment is being handled by an ethical and transparent company.




Every business has its ideal customer. The kind of person that you will just love working with. If you want to be competitive with customers in Cairns and the surrounding area, you need someone with local knowledge! RPM Digital Agency is based in Cairns, and all of our experts are local to the region, so we understand the Cairns online space. With the power of SEO Cairns from RPM Digital those ideal customers will find you and your business.

We’re passionate about helping other local businesses, so if you’re looking for Cairns SEO services, contact us to see how we can help.



We leverage the world’s most powerful digital marketing channels to drive the growth of all types of businesses. Everyone knows that setting goals are important, but if you’re not a marketing expert, it’s incredibly difficult to know what’s realistic. Additionally, each business will have different needs, and what’s achievable for one may not be for another, and as your business grows, your goals will become more ambitious!

Whether your goal is to increase website traffic or ROI, we’ll sit down with you to get a full understanding of your business, as well as your plans for the future, and create a specific, tailored digital marketing strategy to help you get there.



At RPM Digital Agency, we set goals in line with other business objectives, and use metrics to measure how well it’s performing against the competition. We are hungry for those results and thats what drives us to help your business grow online.We measure qualified traffic through Google Analytics or Google Search Console and run a monthly website audit to ensure accurate results.

Our proven methods use tried-and-tested practices and continuous data analysis to ensure you get the best results, whether that’s increasing your recognition in Cairns, or driving global web traffic to your site.

Local SEO Services in Cairns


Local SEO focuses on driving traffic from people in your region to your website. For many small businesses, it’s even more important than other SEO strategies, as it can often drive direct footfall to your store!

For example, if you’ve ever searched for “coffee shop near me”, you’ll have seen the Google My Business profile pop up on Google Maps. This has key information on the business, such as location, opening hours, and a link to their website. It’s an easy way for customers to see your information at a glance, and it’s how many customers in nearby areas learn about your business, sometimes without ever visiting your website!

SEO Agency Cairns

We are a local SEO Agency in Cairns. Our SEO experts are all fully qualified, so if you want to get ahead of the competition, increase your brand awareness, and help local customers find you, you need someone like us.

As a Cairns SEO agency, we understand the region and what it takes to rank in Cairns. Our SEO consultant team use Google My Business and other tactics to help increase your website’s visibility to local customers, driving more leads and traffic your way.

What should you expect when working with RPM Digital Agency on an SEO campaign?


Our team has the skills and resources to keep track of your competitor’s moves online. We identify their strengths, weaknesses, and where you can compete against them for top search engine rankings. Our data-based approach ensures that your SEO campaign is tailored to your business, industry, and what your customers are searching for.


“White hat” search engine optimisation is a genuine and long-lasting way of boosting your online credibility than the black arts that are associated with spammy methods or gaming Google’s algorithm. At RPM Digital Agency, we only use tried-and-tested methods, so you can trust our SEO experts to help you achieve your long-term goals. After all, your success is our success!


The goal of On page SEO from an SEO Company is to ensure that your website is clean, functional, updated allowing search engines to easily identify the purpose of each page. It’s critical to be clear about what you offer and where you’re located, especially since these factors are as obvious to potential customers as they are to Googles’ search engine.



There are lots of technical errors that could be negatively affecting your search ranking results or overall search engine optimisation. We’ll make sure your website is performing at it’s best by resolving any backend issues first, and then implementing other techniques to improve your rankings. Our team has experience in building quality websites, so we know what to look for.



Getting high-quality links is an essential part of any SEO strategy. That’s why we don’t skimp on our efforts! We build links with directories and other companies in the region/country to help increase your visibility to local customers. We work with other sites to secure guest posting opportunities and make sure that they point back towards your website to rank better online.



Our content strategists create high-quality blog posts and bespoke website content. Quality Content Creation will help boost your businesses online authority. In combination with a strong SEO strategy, this improves your position in organic search results, helps customers find you, and gives them all the information that they’re searching for. Win-win!


The long-term success of SEO builds on previous efforts, so we keep track of the history of changes in rankings, visitors to your site, how long people stay on the site, and how many people exit straight away. We’ll always update you on the state of your SEO campaign, so you know how things are progressing, and we’ll continue making optimisations so that your page authority/ranking is always improving.


SEO isn’t a set and forget process. With search engines algorithm changing on an ongoing basis, you need to work with the best SEO company in Cairns. RPM Digital has qualified SEO consultants who stay up to date on all the current best practices, and adapt campaigns for both local and global adjustments that may affect performance and SEO rankings.

SEO Packages from Specialists

Investing in SEO for Online Success

We are committed to delivering a unique SEO solution for your business. Our custom SEO packages are specifically tailored to your business to provide a marketing strategy for optimal growth.

SEO packages from RPM Digital will not just improve your website’s quality of traffic and lead to increased company awareness, customer trust, consumer loyalty. In fact, with SEO you can expect that more people are going to find out about what makes the brand tick–creating higher conversions as well!

But we don’t believe in offering one-plan-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions.

Instead, we offer a number of services so you can pick the best SEO package for your needs. When you pick an SEO agency package, we’ll work with you directly to determine the specific goals you have for your business, so we can achieve them together.

Our custom packages are created for each customer. We believe that a great plan starts with research, so the SEO team at RPM Digital analyses your goals, competitors, website budget & industry to design an exclusive strategy exclusively tailored just for you!

SEO is a long-term strategy, and we know that you want to be able to see your successes. We provide monthly reports so there are no surprises, only progress!

We see the internet as a constantly changing environment and we’re always looking to stay ahead of trends. Think of SEO as monthly maintenance as insurance for you. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge when it comes down to SEO, monthly maintenance plans help ensure your site stays fresh in Google’s eyes!

5 Main Benefits of Organic SEO

The benefits of Search Engine Optimisation are clear – by having a well optimised website, you’ll see a big increase in traffic and leads. Not only that, but SEO services from a Cairns Agency will help to boost your business’ reputation on the web as a local company.


Your competitors are likely using the power of SEO to gain exposure. We’ll help you avoid being “out-competed” by your competition through adopting a more proficient SEO and digital marketing strategy than they do. Having a ranking website on google will boost your businesses authority and incoming clients.



Google Ads may get you leads faster, but research shows that leads generated from SEO are 8.5x more likely to buy from you because the customer is already actively searching for a solution. SEO is a long term solution to increasing quality search traffic and converting customers. Our Goal at RPM is to grow your business website and give you the results and clear ROI .


Once you’ve built links to your site, you’ll need to have regular content uploaded to your site to help boost your rankings for organic search results in Cairns and deliver value to your audience. Any solid SEO campaign will require an equally solid content marketing strategy. Using a Cairns SEO Expert like RPM Digital is the best increase your brand or business awareness.


When your website ranks on page one of Google, your only cost is maintaining the site’s Google rankings, making it great to use alongside a paid advertising strategy and other digital marketing tactics. Search engine marketing is the most effective way to scale your business, enhance the quality of leads, and push your business reach to the next level. SEO agencies spend a lot of time doing research before making any adjustments, and must continuously adapt their work to search engine algorithms.


The first link that appears in Google and other major search engines is the one with a high “pull-factor,” which means it’s more likely to have compelling information in the website content. If your site is ranked within the top three, it is generally regarded as an authority on its subject by Google, and potential customers will also think of your website as more trustworthy. RPM Digital focus on you businesses needs and work on your websites SEO to get your site as high as possible in the search engine.

Why Invest in SEO for Cairns Businesses?

It’s no secret that search engine results have changed significantly over time. Nowadays, over 90% of all online experiences start with a simple Google Search!

Reaching more customers with search engine optimization is beneficial for your business. Invest in the best SEO agency and you will be able to drive leads right into the arms of potential clients!

Search engines are an invaluable tool for any business, but they’re not free. SEO Services are an investment for your business.

Depending on the package you choose, monthly SEO cost can be anywhere from $800-$2,500 to maintain your ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP).

So, what do you get when you invest this money?

When you use SEO to boost the ranking of your website in search engine results, more people will find it and be able to visit it. This means that there are even greater opportunities for new customers!

It also means that you’re keeping ahead of competition – when customers search online, you’re up against lots of other brands for their business, so when your SEO ranking improves, you’re more likely to win more of those customers. It’s money that will gain value over time and remain in your account through quality organic leads.

By investing in SEO you create long-term value for your website that will continue to organically grow over time.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors and call RPM SEO Web Design team today. 

SEO Frequently Asked Questions…

Getting your head around understanding SEO and why it is so important to your website can be confusing. We have listed the most common questions we get asked by our clients.

How is SEO linked to other digital marketing channels?

Search engine optimization goes hand in hand with other digital marketing tactics like web design and content marketing. Choosing an SEO agency that is experienced in all aspects of digital marketing means you’ll get a cohesive strategy that takes into consideration all of the potential factors that affect your long-term marketing success.

How does SEO work for brand new businesses?

For new businesses, SEO works in much the same way as for established brands. The main difference is that you have full control and the chance to get it right from the start! That means you’re able to build a website that’s optimised for SEO and plan your content strategy in line with product launches and other marketing campaigns.

If you’re starting from scratch, it may take a while to build enough authority to get the best quality backlinks, but if you use a professional SEO agency, you get the advantage of working with experts with years of industry knowledge!

Looking for an SEO agency in Cairns, or elsewhere in Far North Queensland? Contact RPM Digital Agency to see how we can help your business achieve success.

What defines a good backlink?

A quality backlink is one that comes from a reliable and recognisable website. This tells the search engine that your domain has authority. If you create and share content for other domains, they’ll link to your site, and vice-versa, so backlinks are mutually beneficial.

However, some backlinks are worth more than others! Focus on quality over quantity, and don’t just add any backlink – remember, just like keywords, they must also fit within the context of the content and be relevant to the user. Even if the linked domain has a very high authority, it’s not much good to the user if it’s not at all related to what they’re reading.

If you’re just starting out, your link-building strategy may focus on directories, other businesses in your industry, and local websites.

How will I know if SEO practices are effective?

SEO encompasses many different practices, and because it focuses on the long term, it can be difficult to tell when it’s having a positive effect on your brand.

Using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you understand if your SEO is on the right track. You can see how many users are searching for your terms, what they’re clicking on, and even how long they spend reading your content!

Other tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Keywords Everywhere can track the search volume of particular keywords, especially those unique to your brand and products. This way, you can measure brand growth by observing how many people are searching for your exact products and services over time.

At RPM Digital Agency, we provide monthly reports and analysis, complete with insights, optimisations, and recommendations, so you can see the direct results of our work.

What is "black hat" SEO?

Black hat SEO, sometimes called spamdexing, is a set of unethical tactics used to trick search engines into falsifying better rankings. These practices violate the search engine’s terms of service, and if your site is found by Google or other search engines to be using these techniques, you could be completely blacklisted from all search results!

Black hat SEO is used by hackers, spammers, and virus creators to generate faster increases in rankings, but these practices are unsustainable and will most likely harm your website in the long run. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of what black hat SEO looks like to ensure that your SEO practices are abiding by the terms of service. The most common black hat SEO tactics are:

  • Content Automation
  • Link farms, hidden links, or purchased links
  • Web pages with duplicated content, invisible text, or spam comments
  • Websites with malware or viruses, or those connected to trojan horse or phishing scams
  • Keyword stuffing (overuse)
  • Cloaking (showing a different page to search engines than to users)

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